Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm starting a blog

I am really not interesting, clever, witty or anything a blogger should be. I just like to share what I learn and talk to others about their ideas. I decided to start a blog about "getting by". Everyone is feeling the crunch in some manner and we are too. We are self employed and in order to pay our staff, my husband cut his pay in half...yes HALF. It hurts and I try to adjust the budget every month but it never seems to add up. So, today, I will start to do things differently.

I went to a coupon class last night (yes, I am one of those obsessed with coupons!) I was actually a speaker about one of my other passions (we'll get to that later) but the one thing that I found so fascinating was making your own cleaning supplies! I knew it could be done but last night, Lori, (I'll see if she has a website later) told us how easy it was. So, today, I start things differently. I want to be one of those mom's that has a garden, cooks from scratch, and yes, makes her own cleaning supplies. I would even like to learn to sew and knit, since I forget how. I want to be THAT mom and wife!

So, this is my blog about living on half a paycheck and how we cut costs.

When the baby wakes up the family will head to the store to but vinegar, baking soda, rubbing alcohol and a few other things to make our own cleaning products. It is cheaper, safer for the kiddos and better for the environment. My stock pile of cleaning supplies is headed to the food pantry at church. I hope you find this slightly interesting and I hope I am not the only one reading this. But, if I am, I will have a record of how far my family has come.

This will be the year I have more than one pumpkin survive in the garden and my watermelon will be bigger than a baseball!

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