Friday, April 3, 2009

June Cleaver

So I told you in my original post (I think) that I want to be a home maker... It took the quiz on Facebook and it says I already am! Check this out!

What TV mom are you? was the quiz!

June Cleaver
You are a blissfully happy stay-at-home mom who is completely dedicated to the care of your family. Your life is too good to be true. Really!

I have been on a roll making bread. Ready to try a bread that has a little flavor next.

I have not convinced my husband to return the car cleaner. This week has felt so hectic. We "had" to go to dinner Tues night for DH's dad's birthday and it was a little pricey. We frugally split a meal and had a coupon for an appetizer.

Last night was our standard Thurs. night family night dinner with my parents and grandpa. BUT I had a coupon for buy one get on 50% off which was great and my 3 yr old DS shared with my mom! YEAH to that also. We quit drinking soda out a long time ago so that is not a problem anymore

I thought of another money saving tip the other day. Most people rent their "waste wheeler" from their garbage company but did you know you can buy it? For $48 (or something close) We purchased our Waste Wheeler instead of paying $3.50 a month to rent it. This will not save us money right now but after a year we will so it is a long term savings.