Friday, July 29, 2011

Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

I have been looking for some kindergarten readiness assessments and found a pretty good one over at

1.Will your child be 5 years when he/she enters kindergarten?
2.Can others easily understand your child when he/she speaks to them?
3.Does your child pay attention to a short story when it is read and answer simple questions about it?
4.Is your child able to draw and color a picture, beyond a scribble?
5.Is your child able to zip or button up his sweater or jacket?
6.Can your child tie a knot?
7.Is your child able to walk backwards for 5 or 6 feet?
8.Is your child able to stand on one foot for 5 or 10 seconds?
9.Is your child able to walk in a straight line?
10.Is your child able to fasten buttons he/she can see?
11.Is your child able to tell the left hand from the right?
12.Is your child able to take care of his/her toilet needs?
13.Is your child able to be away from his/her parents for about two or three hours without being upset?
14.Is your child able to cross a street safely?
15.Is your child able to repeat a series of 4 numbers without practice, such as "Say after me 7-2-6-3 ?
16.Is your child able to repeat 8 and 10 word sentences if you say them once-- "The girl ran all the way to the store for her mother?
17.20. Is your child able to follow about 2 or 3 directions after being told once, such as "Bring me a book; skip around the room; shut the door?
18.Is your child able to give the last word to all of the following:
A fire is hot; ice is ____
A jet goes fast; but a turtle goes _____
Daddy is a man; Mother is a ______
19.Is your child able to count 4 objects?
20.Is your child able to put together a simple puzzle?
21.Can your child tell what is missing if you draw a stick picture of a man and leave out eyes, or a leg, or an arm?
22.Is your child able to draw or copy a square?
23.Can your child name a triangle, a square and a circle when he/she sees it?
24.Can your child name about 3 or 4 colors to which you point?
25.Can your child fell you what his/her eyes, ears and mouth are used for?
26.Is your child able to tell you in what way a sweater, shoe and hat are the same?
27.Does your child take an interest in the books and magazines that are around the house?
28.Have you attempted to create in your child the idea of looking forward to school experiences rather than fear of school?


Count the number of items you were able to answer with a "YES" response. Consult the table below for information relative to state of readiness for school.

Number of items answered "Yes" should be 26 to 28 (readiness assured)
Number of items answered "Yes" should be 22 to 25 (readiness probable)
Number of items answered "Yes" should be 18 to 21 (readiness questionable)
Number of items answered "Yes" should be 15 to 17 (Readiness doubtful)
Number of items answered "Yes" should be 13 or below (readiness Unlikely)

Z passed with "readiness assured" and R (who is only 3) fell under "readiness doubtful" but I was impressed with how well he did!

I find a great preschool assessment over at me and marie learning