Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Randomness

We ate pancakes with bacon in them..Kind of like a mcGriddle with no syrup in them!

I made Back to School gifts for the teachers!

Everything came from Wal-Mart and was on sale the other day

I tried a new hairdo.. no, that is not the new do, but check out the curls I got from this!

It is no heat and only took me 3 minutes! I know the picture isn't great but you can go watch the tutorial here
You just wrap damp hair around a cloth headband and sleep...In the morning beautiful Hollywood curls with NO heat!

Don't they look so happy? We read "blueberries for Sal" and then made some blueberry muffins

Minus a few blueberries!

Isn't team work great?

Zan decided he wanted a pizza and movie night...see them lovin their pizzas?

But what was so fun is that the only thing we had to make pizzas with were biscuits, so I pulled out these ingredients and made do!
And yes that is a huge bag of pepperoni from our Subway days! and this is what I managed to make!

The boys loved them and we only used ingredients we already had so FREE!

We have been up to a lot more but will have to update later! I have another no heat curls idea, some easy dry erase activities and a few more!