Saturday, March 28, 2009

I thought I would share this little info I just typed for a friend.
You can use two coupons if one is store and one is manufacturer. So, for example, if crest is 1.00 and you have a coupon for 50 cents and a store coupon (let's say Kroger)You scan your card, they ring up the 1.00 crest, then the 50 cent coupon which doubles to $1.00 (only manufacturer coupons can do this) and then ring the 25 cent coupon so , actually, in this deal you just made 25 cents because the product was a dollar, and you had $1.25 in coupons...Just make sure whenever you have a deal like that you are buying something else!Meijer and Kroger double up to a dollar so any coupon under a dollar would double but a 75 cent coupon only goes to a dollar as well.

Make sense?

Now, at CVS they have Extra Care Card and you get Extra care bucks (ECB) so, looking at the front page of the ad the crest is $3.49 which is what you will be charged BUT you can use your 50 cent coupon we talked about before (hypothetical of course since I'm not sure of the actual coupons out there) and the 25 cent (we'll now say CVS coupon.)So it is 3.49-75 cents so your total is $2.70 but you get an ECB on your receipt for 3.49 which you can spend on pretty much anything! The best thing to do is roll them. So let's say you have the 3.49 ECB in your purse from another deal and this crest deal is next week. You can come in and buy the crest for 3.49-.75 = 2.70 and a bag of jelly beans for 1.00 your total is now 3.70 (after coupons (also called q's) you hand them your ECB for 3.49 and your total is now 21 cents and your are getting the ECB for the crest deal to use on another purchase so you rarely spend out of pocket more than a couple much for you? They key is to use your ECB to purcahse items that will get you more ECB...which is roliing them! you can load coupons to your Kroger card that will come off when you purchase an item and scan your Kroger card. has coupons you can load, just not sure where on the site right now. I always load any coupon I can and treat it like a bonus since I usually forget it is there.

I buy coupons from at this site you can purchase a 50 cent coupon for 5 cents or something like that . I do this on really good deals that I want to stock up on and baby care items. The problem here is if you are trying to work a one week sale you need to order them mon so you ahve them by Fri and can still get the sale.

I save (typically) coupons over a dollar to use at Walmart since they usually have the best price. has one's you can print as does and if you search under the don't waste your money and then you win wednesday (I think this is the link
You can click on things for coupons and samples.
You can get free samples and trials at this walmart site has coupons for local restaurants and other stuff as does the entertainment book website
The buy 10 get $5.00 off at Kroger is a great deal and you can view the ad online. Pair it with items you have coupons for and it is a better deal
Here is the deal I did I have a $3.00 off a $15.00 purchase on Comforts (kroger) brand baby items plus I had 3 $1.00 coupons so, they are part of the buy 10 deal so I bought 10 which was $22.90 automatically get $5.00 off and then the 3.00 off 15 and the 3 $1.00 so $11.00 for a total of 11.90 or 1.19 a box!

oh, another trick like on the CVS cover. The honey bunches of oats is buy one get one. so, let's say it is $3.00 a can use TWO coupons because you are getting 2 items so $3.00 for 2 boxes and then mayb 50 off coupons (2 of them) so you pay 2.00 for 2 boxes!CVS usually has limits on the deals so read the ad.

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