Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a few days in one post

So, after a few days of fighting with Blogger and being really mad and wishing I hadn't started with Blogger, here is a post. It took me about 40 mins to upload pictures because the set up is such a joke. So, the title for yesterdays post was Day 1: 5 days-5 rooms.... And, here you go. Now remeber, our haouse has been under construction for over 2 years. We added a second story so we had to replace all the windows and headers on the 1st floor so that is why things may look a little crazy in some pictures. This is my future mud room. THe closets will come out and walls will go up but for now, I make do. The shoe area is always nuts and here is the before:
THis is the first area I see when I enter my house and it is not welcoming. My house does not make me feel relaxed, always stressed and I want that to change so, I dumped all the shoes, paired them and laid them all out... see?

The shoes on the far right that are cut off are the ones with out a match. And I cleaned...and two garbage canse later we have....

This makes me a little happier but the space still needs work, also, to help all the males in the house we now have labels:

Now, On to SUndays post, I ahve always disliked the akward space over my fire place and have always wanted a photo wall such as this:

So I purchased some frames from Goodwill for $6.00 for 2 boxes of frames and threw in a couple of ones I already have. I put in some pictures and others are waiting for the perfect picture

I meausred my space, taped it on the floor and started arranging, rearranging again and a gain...then I realized my tape was the ENTIRE space and not just the photo space so I had to start over and we have this:

Which became this!

I am still not completely finished because I am waiting on some vinyl word art for the lower right which I will post about when it gets here!

In the meantime...Sat was Sharefest. Local shurches get together to do community projects and also have a free lunch and a free sale...Mom, aunt and I helped organinze the free sale and check out the awesome Tupperware Fridgesmart set I scored!
This is something I have been wanting and it is over $62 value! I am SOOOO excited!

So, that is all for now! Thanks for stopping by!

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